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Location: Kamloops
Job Type: Full Time 


My name is Dr. Steven Broadbent and I work with two excellent medical office assistants and our part time practice manager, my wife, Sarah. Our evidence-based practice works closely with our local pharmacist and other health care providers to ensure patients have holistic and timely-based care to the level we would expect for own families. Our experienced office manager will ensure everything is billed appropriately, there will be no administration headaches or problems, with a competitive standardized split of overheads to earnings.

Currently, I choose to not have hospital admission privileges, instead focusing purely on office-based family practice with no prenatal care, meaning there are no on-call commitments, but each doctors’ practice can be tailored to suit their individual needs and desires. Hospital colleagues are easy to access for an opinion and have always been extremely helpful and informative leading to quality shared collaborative care.

Our practice has recently received the BC College of Family Physicians “My Family Doctor Award” in recognition of our efforts for patient care representing the whole of the Interior Health Authority.

My own practice has a focus towards complex care needs and we are paperless utilizing TELUS Med Access EMR. We automate everything, using digital transcription with Dragon Medical ensuring we are seamless, timely and efficient. Clinic typically works Monday to Thursday 0800-1600 and is fully flexible if you want to tailor make your clinic and fully flexible if you want to tailor make your clinic.

As Sarah and I moved from North Yorkshire, UK in 2013, we are well versed in the challenges people face when moving to a new community. Coming from a different culture and country, and the integration both medically and socially, we can hopefully ease any worries you may have as we have already travelled that path and can offer support. 

If you are looking for a great atmosphere, an experienced physician willing to aid set up and support to reduce the stress of starting out, staff with a good sense of humor in a well-run established clinic, then contact us to schedule a site visit. 

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